There are lots of other ways you can help. 

You have probably come to this page as you have been inspired by our campaign, and want to find out how else you can help out. Scroll below to explore other opportunities for getting involved.

Share Our Story


Probably the easiest way to help is by sharing our campaign story on social media, and even better, by word of mouth. The more people that follow us on social media, the wider our reach will be, and so the more people we can inspire to register as a stem cell donor.

Use the social media buttons below to navigate to our campaign pages, and make sure you hit the like/follow buttons on there.

If you are spreading the word by mouth, just ask them to look up @HelpVeerNow, and they will be able to look us up.

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Give Money

Not to us, but to the charities that are supporting Veer's search for a stem cell donor, and supporting his treatment. They are doing an amazing job, and need financial support to carry out their important work.

United Kingdom

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Registration Cost: None


Anthony Nolan

Registration Cost: None

India flag.png


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Ages: 18 to 50

Registration Cost: None



Ages: 17 to 55

Registration Cost:1800 INR*

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Ages: 17 to 55

Registration Cost: None


Be The Match

Ages: 18 to 60

Registration Cost: $100 If over 44 years**

Rest of the World


WMDA Database

Look up your country's respective registering organisation in this worldwide database listing, and follow the associated link to navigate to that register.
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