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Only register if you are NOT already on a stem cell donor register. 

Follow the appropriate organisation link below to register as a donor today. If you meet the eligibility criteria (based on age, weight and health) you will be sent a swab kit to your home. You do the swab test at home, and send the swabs back in the post. Once the sample has been analysed (takes several weeks), you will receive notification that you have become a stem cell donor (also known as a potential lifesaver). 

United Kingdom

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Ages: 17 to 55

Registration Cost: None


Anthony Nolan

Ages: 16 to 30

Registration Cost: None

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Ages: 18 to 50

Registration Cost: None



Ages: 18 to 50

Registration Cost:1800 INR*

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Ages: 18 to 55

Registration Cost: None


Be The Match

Ages: 18 to 60

Registration Cost: $100 If over 44 years**

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Strength to Give

Ages: 18 to 55

Registration Cost: None

Rest of the World


WMDA Database

Look up your country's respective registering organisation in this worldwide database listing, and follow the associated link to navigate to that register.

*As with the other organisations listed, Datri is a not for profit charity. All of the charities incur a substantial cost for registering each lifesaving donor. The cost incurred is for the lab based HLA typing of each sample. Many of the organisations fund the registration cost via separate fundraising acivities, but Datri requests a donation from the registrant, to cover this cost. Think of this as a small donation towards becoming a potential lifesaver, and supporting the great work done by this and other such charities.

** Research shows that the best quality donors are those in lower age bands. This is why longstanding charities such as Anthony Nolan and Be The Match focus their limited resources towards recruiting younger donors. Be The Match allows registrations from those above 44, but they pass the cost on to the registrant.

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