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Who is Veer?

Veer is an Indian Gujarati boy from London, United Kingdom.

He is a very cheeky young boy. He is smart, playful, brave and adventurous.

Veer enjoys all sorts of activities, especially where they involve jumping!

Veer's Family

Veer's Immediate Family

 Nirav Gudhka, Kirpa Gudhka

and Suhani (big sister)

Veer's Paternal Grandparents

Jayantilal Devshi Gudhka

Jaya Jayantilal Gudhka

Veer's Maternal Grandparents

Naresh Devshi Shah

Nisha Naresh Shah

Veer's Upbringing

Veer's upbringing honours his Indian heritage. Both he and Suhani enjoy all things Indian - the food, music and dancing. Veer even speaks good Gujarati for a Londoner!  

Veer has been raised in a family that closely follows the Jain faith, an ancient religion of India, that promotes non-violence and peace. Both Veer and Suhani attend religious classes every Sunday to learn about Jainism, and their father Nirav conducts the classes.

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Veer's Diagnosis